Welcome to Trusted.Marketing. I’m James P. O’Brien, Founder, CEO, Strategist and Publisher. This is my consulting firm and digital home since 2014. It continues to be a place to experiment with digital tactics’ services and tools, with a renewed focus on strategy, research and insight.

The world has grown increasingly reliant on and influenced by digital. This deepened through the pandemic years. But is digital used more for destruction or construction?

A personal and business digital strategy is now essential. Our future depends on each of us learning the tools and honing the skills necessary to sustain digital, defend capitalism and democracy. Trusted.Marketing offers a comprehensive suite of strategy, integrated marketing and political consulting services to support this mission.

Beyond our core services, two strategic influencer missions are The GreyRock Strategy, a Substack community, and the “digital empathy” movement, each relying on unique audiences and digital strategies. The goal is to measurably improve political discourse, online business and the human experience in the digital world. Even as tools emerge like virtual health, digital technology and media have had an increased negative impact on our mental and physical health. This is not sustainable and directly impacts the quality of our lives and businesses from an emotional and psychological perspective. Trusted.Marketing leads the response:

“We build what people believe.”

-James P. O’Brien