Welcome to Trusted.Marketing

Marketing strategy, content and web development, political consulting and all things digital are just a few of our obsessions. Founder James P. O’Brien is a strategist, publisher and startup consultant and CEO, with over 3 decades of experience. He started young delivering strategy, communications and insight on over 300+ campaigns including 30+ startups, while constantly experimenting with different digital tactics and services, and testing the latest tools.

Content is the New Creative

The world has grown increasingly reliant on technology and influenced by digital. This deepened through the pandemic years. Currently, digital technology is used as much for censorship and destruction as communications and construction. How is your strategy addressing this today?

The adversarial nature of politics now also defines the media environment and impacts business more than ever. It is an environment we understand and master.

Digital Impact and Sustainability

Integrated with our core services, are two unique strategic influencer missions. First is a new platform to deliver research, digital tools and consulting services across a wider audience through affordable subscriptions: GreyRock.Digital is a civil engagement strategy, Substack community and twice monthly newsletter. “The GreyRock Strategy” delivers evidence-based issue research, news analysis and ready-made social content designed to support individual or organizational strategic communications. Second, is the “digital empathy” movement. It raises awareness of how people feel about brands and how they treat each other online. The goal is to measurably improve political discourse, online business and the human experience in the digital world.

“Startups and campaigns share the reality of finite time and resources in a volatile communications environment, that we master.” -James P. O’Brien